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By Your Love…by Carl Gooch — By the Mighty Mumford

By Your Love – My life I was such a mess and felt like giving in, Everything I tried seemed to fail again and again. I was trembling in the dark, crying in the night, I called on your promise and I’m holding on tight. – While I was down your love you came to […]

via By Your Love…by Carl Gooch — By the Mighty Mumford

You ever feel like your in a toxic relationship and you just can’t get out? Here’s 3 things you can do to repair your relationship! If its even possible.

think as we all get into our late 20s we have all been in a toxic relationship or two..

Even when I was a teenager I remember my very first relationship was as toxic as it could get! Just remember as you read this YOU CAN NOT CHANGE SOMEONE THAT DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE. its impossible so unless you want your time wasted and heart stomped on just walk away.

OKAY let’s get to it then

#1: if you have a issue with someone or something talk to them about it. You can’t hold everything in and not communicate 4 out of 10 relationships end because of lack of communication. Its key to having a healthy relationship

#2: working on trust. Trust is second to the first most important thing in a relationship ! We all do things to break trust we are human that’s what we do . unfortunately… But there’s always way to repair and patch it up. if you love them then second chances are always there give them a chance to fix what they broke and if they continue to break it then that’s when you walk away.

#3: if you got yourself a lair then I would walk away if after that second chance they continue. Lying to someone is to me the most disrespectful thing you could do to someone. Like if your gana lie to me and make me look stupid then im gana make you look single . ive been with plenty of liars but im not going to tell you its not fixable if they love you they will change. But remember you cant change someone that dosnt want to be changed my husband lied to me constantly in the begining of our relationship it was like he had no respect. You need to put your foot down and let them know how it made you feel if they love you they will care they will change and work on your trust.



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